Thứ Hai, 8 tháng 5, 2017

THE RAINY NIGHT - Thụy Khanh (Trương Thị Khanh)

It’s raining, it’s raining in the night.
It’s raining on the street covering by tamarind trees.
It’s raining on the neon lights,
glowing quietly beneath the canopies.
How beautiful the drops of rain are!
Oh, my rainy night, my rainy night.
I would like to take off my raincoat,
let my body immerse into the cool rain,
let my lung fill with the fresh air,
let my soul fly into the sky,
into the beautiful rainy night.
The tamarind leaves are so little,
so green over my head,
just above the neon lights,
then, like dark flying insects
drop on my face, my hands.
Oh, my beautiful rainy night!
The neon’s light is so white
as my white dress sticks to my blue Yamaha.
My motorcycle is skating on the water
as my feeling flies into the sky.
The little, little tamarind leaves
drop on my face, my hands.
Some more, some more, some more,
I love you, my little leaves,
kiss me some more, some more
under the neon’s light, under the dropping rain.
Just myself on the street
on my way home from school.
I love you, I love you
my rainy night, my neon lights,
my tamarind trees and my little leaves.
Forever, stay and stay in me,
My Beautiful Rainy Night!
Thuy Khanh
(Memory of our OLD SAIGON)

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